Mastering Advanced Excel and AI Integration

Total Duration : 8 hours
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Introduction to HTML CSS

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Introduction to HTML CSS
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Introduction to HTML CSS
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Introduction to HTML CSS
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Introduction to HTML CSS
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Introduction to HTML CSS
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Introduction to HTML CSS
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Who should attend?

Anyone with basic knowledge of MS Excel & desirous to enhance their skills.

Outcome of the training

Upon successful completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Using various Excel functions
  • Beautifying Excel Sheets
  • Performing complex calculations more efficiently
  • Organizing and analyzing large data
  • Creating MIS reports
  • Consolidating and managing data from multiple workbooks

Objective of the program

  • Improve participant’s logic through decision making functions
  • Analyzing data
  • Creating MIS reports
  • Automating the activities

Training Outline

  • Working with Decision based functions
  • Data Validations
  • Working with Reports (Pivot Tables)
  • Introduction to Macros & VBA

    • Keyboard Macros

    • Assigning Macros to Objects

  • AI Functions, use of Copilot

The learning path to the course

  • AI can automate tasks in Excel through tools like Power Automate for workflow automation, Excel add-ins like Azure Machine Learning for integrating predictive analytics, and custom VBA or Office Scripts for tailored automation solutions.
  • Python can be integrated with Excel using libraries like xlwings to call Python functions from Excel, Jupyter Notebooks for advanced analysis and visualization, and Power BI to run Python scripts for data transformation and visualization connected back to Excel.
  • Machine learning models can be trained within Excel using the Azure Machine Learning Add-in for direct model building and deployment, SQL Server Data Mining Add-ins for predictive analytics, and custom Python scripts with libraries like Scikit-learn or TensorFlow, integrated via xlwings or PyXLL.

What's the Difference?

Introduction to HTML CSS

Become AI Proof, Avoid Layoffs & Work In An AI & Data Driven World

With AI taking over human jobs, you need to become AI proof in 2024 and not just keep your job but also grow in it. This workshop will help you do that & avoid being laid off

Introduction to HTML CSS

Master 200+ Excel Formulas + Unlock 27 Hidden Excel Formulas

Use 200+ Excel formulas without remembering any of them to complete your work faster with AI. Plus get 47 secret custom formulas that no one in your office has.

Introduction to HTML CSS

Integrate ChatGPT & AI inside Excel

Integrate Artificial Intelligence in Excel to analyse data, answer questions, generate macros, create formulas & build reports in seconds.

Introduction to HTML CSS

Seamlessly Automate 35 Tasks with Excel Macros, No Coding Required!

No more leaving late from your office when automation can do your work in 1/10th the time for you. You will learn to automate 42 most common Indian job tasks.

Introduction to HTML CSS

Create All Your Excel Reports In Just 60 seconds

Are you also fed up of creating those weekly or monthly reports? Learn to automatically create it for your boss or management in less than 60 seconds.

Introduction to HTML CSS

Elevate Your Efficiency with 115 Automation Templates

No matter what department you work in, these templates will reduce your manual work. The automation is already added, you just need to add input and get your desired output.

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Introduction to HTML CSS

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